Private Client

Private client coverage is a great option for those looking to have a personalized show photo gallery that includes an abundance of candids, jumping, and artsy shots. NSP wants to cover the little moments that mean the most to you.

All photos are generally uploaded in a private online gallery before the start of the next show day. Digital files are included in pricing. Prints available at an additional cost.

NSP understands the importance and investment in horse shows, which is why she make’s it her goal to cover every single round for a client. However due to the unpredictability of horse show scheduling, rarely, conflicts might emerge. NSP will do her best to cover every round but cannot guarantee 100% coverage. * Varies depending on which show

Coverage is $400 for one horse and $175 for each additional horse. Pricing reflects one week of booking. Send me an email if you are looking to book multi-week discounts. Payment due prior to gallery access.

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