Alexia and APG Everlasting

Alexia Rule and APG Everlasting, also known as Evan, are the cutest pair. For this shoot they were photographed in Wellington, Florida. Everlasting was imported from the Netherlands. He is a Dutch Warmblood and is truly a unicorn in the show ring. When Alexia usually shows him, it’s usually in the 1.40 meter or 1.45 meter High Amateur Owner along with a few National Grand Prix.

According to Alexia, Evan absolutely LOVES bananas. Peel and all. When he’s not in the show ring, he loves to relax by going for bareback rides or trail riding. Evan was a natural during the shoot. He always had his ears forward and was always camera ready, almost like he knew what he was doing.  

I loved getting to capture Alexia and Everlasting. I’ve had the chance to photograph Alexia a few times in the past, and she’s always a joy. She’s such a bright and positive person, and I think it is really reflected in these photos. Alexia has come such a long way since I first met her, and we used to ride at the same barn.  Alexia finished 5th at the 2020 ASPCA Maclay finals this year on Any Given Sunday. It is crazy to watch her kill it in the show ring each season, and I am so excited to see what this pair accomplishes this year.

You can keep up with Alexia’s riding journey on her Instagram.

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